Year one with Horsens and Beyond

The first year with our travel blog Horsens and Beyond has ended, and here is a summary of what has happened on the blog in the past year.

What we wrote about in year one
On the 2. February 2014 our first blog post was published. It was a photo essay from a walk at Northern Cemetery in Horsens – a place we love to visit because of its peaceful atmosphere.

Through out the year we have written about many different subjects, such as private views at Horsens Art Museum and Gallery Hjorth in Horsens. Other subjects has been the annual Crime Book Festival, the music festival Stoneass Festival, The Art of Snur exhibition and many other cultural and social events and also suggestions for walks and tours in Horsens.

Cooperation and projects
VisitHorsens and Horsens Town Council
In the spring we started to speak and exchange ideas with both a member of Horsens Town Council and with the local tourist office, VisitHorsens. Both liked the idea of our travel blog, and we worked with VisitHorsens on their project “WE love having YOU HERE” in the summer time. We loved being a part of the project, and we hope to get many more opportunities to work with both VisitHorsens and Horsens Town Council in the future.

“5 days in Southern Denmark”
During Easter 2014 we went on a road trip to 4 cities in the southern part of Jutland. It was our so-called “5 days in Southern Denmark” road trip, on which we visited the cities Haderslev, Sønderborg, Tønder and Ribe.

Our accommodation was sponsored by the Danish hostel company Danhostel, and during the trip we stayed at the local Danhostel hostels. It was a really good experience, we got to meet the hosts of the four hostels and had a great time at their hostels.

We created the photo essays from the four cities and wrote the reviews of our stays at the hostels. You can read the articles here:

About our social media
Throughout the first year with Horsens and Beyond we spend a lot of time at various social media.

(All the numbers of followers is from on the 12th of February 2015)

Instagram – 275 followers
We post a picture on Instagram from Horsens and other parts of Jutland almost daily – 75 % of the pictures was from Horsens and 25 % was from around Horsens and the rest of Jutland.

Instagram has undoubtedly been the social media with the greatest success for us. We have now 275 followers, which is many more than we had hoped to get in our first year with Horsens and Beyond.

Twitter – 170 followers
Every time we have posted a new blog post or a picture on Instagram, we share it on Twitter. Beside that we try to comment, retweet and write tweets on Twitter as often as possible.

We now have 170 followers on Twitter, and we think is a fine number of followers for a new travel blog in its first year.

Facebook – 58 likes
We also share all of our blog posts and Instagram photos at Facebook like we do on Twitter.
We haven’t done a lot of work with Facebook in the first year with Horsens and Beyond, but with the success we have with Instagram and Twitter, it’s okay “only” to have 58 likes on Facebook, which we don’t spend so much time on.

“All in all” and year two on Horsens and Beyond
All in all are we very proud of the acknowledgement we and our travel blog has received during our first year.

It has been a real privilege to get to know all the people, we have worked with during our first year with Horsens and Beyond, and we like to thank all of them for their time, ideas and commitment.

A special thanks to all our new friends in Horsens and Jutland – it is such a privilege to have got to know you.

In our second year with Horsens and Beyond we will start to write more blog posts in Danish, than we did in 2014, but we will also write posts in English – don’t worry. We will also expand the area that we write about from “Horsens and Southern Denmark” to “Horsens and Jutland” – all of Jutland is wonderful, so why not take it all in?

By the way, the cake on the picture is a Valentine’s Day cake from Kaffe Brød & Co. in Horsens – and it is absolutely delicious.

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