Tønder – a photo essay

Our visit to Tønder and the surrounding areas on the third day of our road trip in Southern Denmark offered both great cultural and natural experiences.

Løgumkloster abbey chruch in the town Løgumkloster (Løgum Monastery) is a brilliant example of danish medieval architecture.

Many old houses in Tønder has bay windows – many years ago bay windows was a sign of wealth.

Drøhses hus is on of the oldest and best preserved houses in Tønder.

The statue of Kagmanden (an executioner) is standing on a square in central Tønder. Originally meant as a reminder not to break the law.

During our visit in Tønder we stayed at DanHostel Tønder.

House en the town Højer decorated with hundreds of Easter eggs.

A cute Easter lamb on a field just outside Tønder.

In the Wadden Sea National Park west of Tønder you can observe many different birds.

In the village of Rudbøl the border between Denmark and Germany is in the middle of the street.

The world renowned danish furniture designer Hans J. Wegner was born in Tønder, and you can see many of his famous chairs at Museum Sønderjylland in Tønder.

We would like to thank Danhostel Tønder and Visit Rømø & Tønder for their friendly tips, accomodation and advice.

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