My favorite coffee shop in Horsens

Where can you find the best cup of coffee in Horsens? Try the coffee shop Kaffe Brød & Co.

I often travel around Europe, and when I am in Berlin, Germany, I love spending time at the citys great coffee shops where they serve delicious coffee.

There is a long tradition for coffee shops in Berlin (which we don’t have in the same way in Denmark), and you can really taste, that the barista’s, who makes the coffee, have a great knowledge about coffee brewing. The ingredients are carefully roasted and grinded, and the steamed milk has a perfect temperature. Everything is about timing, and the barista’s are really good.

I love good quality, and I like when people are doing something extra to make a cup of coffee – and they are doing that at the coffee shops in Berlin.

Kaffe Brød & Co in Horsens

This morning, sitting by my kitchen table at my home in Horsens, I had an urge for a nice cup of coffee, and I dreamt about one of my favorite coffee shops in Berlin, Impala Coffee at Schönhauser Allee, and then I wondered – do we have something like that in Horsens? Such a coffee shop where they roast and grind their own coffee? A place where they are serious about the coffee brewing? A place where you would come to drink a delicious cup of coffee again and again?

The answer is YES. Yes we have a real coffee shop in Horsens. Kaffe Brød & Co.

Kaffe Brød & Co seen from Torvet in Horsens

Right at the corner of Borgergade and the main square, Torvet, with a view of Vor Frelser Kirke.
The staff is always nice, and the owners have made a great coffee shop in Horsens. They use the best ingredients, sell tasty bread and cakes and serve the best coffee in Horsens (in my opinion). There is a cosy and pleasant atmosphere in Kaffe Brød & Co, and you can drink the delicious coffee in the coffee shop or you have it to go.

You can find Kaffe Brød & Co at Borgergade 1 in Horsens

All the photos in this blog post are taken in and outside the coffee shop Kaffe Brød & Co in Horsens by Maria Erica Jensen

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