Stoneass – the music festival of Horsens

Stoneass Festival took place on the 23th of August, and being the music festival of Horsens it gathered 600 people, who had a great time.

The beats fill the air between the light brown walls. The old northern jail yard is illuminated by scattered but warm sunlight.

We drink beers from disposable cups, and young couples, groups of friends and elderly married couples are hanging out with each other in the late afternoon.

We are sitting on furniture made of euro pallets, and in front of the stage 20-30 people are dancing and jumping, while listening to the local hip hop band “Højt Plan”.

Yes – The Stoneass Festival has started!

Through out the day and night a number of various musicians play on stage, and the breaks between the live music on stage are filled with DJ’s playing, so the party continues non-stop all day long.

Besides the cool music, the people behind Stoneass Festival have invited local artists to put a colourful and personal touch on the venue.

The festival ends with a great performance by the Danish electropop band Turboweekend.

If you think that music festivals is just your thing and if you love to have a great time with your friends, then you should definitely join us at next years Stoneass Festival in Horsens.

Find out more about Stoneass Festival on the web page:

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