Stoneass Festival 2014

“Stoneass Festival” is Horsens own and very cool music festival, that annually is held at the old Horsens State Prison. This year the festival hits town at the 23th of August (3 pm – 2 am).

The Stoneass Festival has played an important role on the music scene in Horsens since 2012, and last year (2013) was a great succes with an audience with three times as many listeners than in 2012.
Every year the Stoneass Festival has been able to attract great musicians from the Danish music world, and this year is no exception.

This years headliner is “Turboweekend” – a Danish electropop band, who more than once have won awards at the Danish Music Awards and other great Danish music awards.

You will also meet the cool musician “Mendoza”, who is very soon to become a shining start in Danish music with the catchy tune of her electronic music.

Another band who is going to play at the Stoneass Festival is the Aarhus-based mathrock band “AnnaSaid”, whose wonderful experimental music is a real treat for its listeners.

Stoneass Festival 2014 will also present the rock band “Lowrider Betty”, Christian Bersang – a member of the local band “Højt Plan” and the duo Tarani.

The organisers of the festival promise, that it is going to be a great party!
Kenneth and I (Maria) from “Horsens and Beyond” are really looking forward til participate in the fun.

Tickets: * If you buy your ticket in advance the price is 130 Danish kroner / €17,5 – you can buy it here:
* You can also buy the ticket at the entrance, and then the price will be 170 Danish kroner / €22,5

Click here to visit the homepage of The Stoneass Festival (in Danish).

The Stoneass Festival is held at the old Horsens State Prison at Fussingvej 8, and you can find it here:

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