Springtime in “Lunden”

Visit ”Lunden” and enjoy the impressive sea of crocus when you are in Horsens in the early spring.

Every year becomes the park ”Lunden” a true flower sea with thousands of beautiful flourishing crocus.
It is an absolute joy to walk around the park in lovely sunshine surrounded with yellow, white and purple flowers – a joy for both visitors and locals from Horsens.
A park with a royal name
“Lunden” is the everyday name for Caroline Amalie Lund (the grove of Caroline Amalie), that was established in 1840 at request of Horsens borgerlige Skyttelaug (the city’s rifle club), who still have their shooting pavilion and shooting range in the park.

The park is named after Queen Caroline Amalie, who was married to King Christian VIII of Denmark.

What to do in “Lunden”
Both Horsens Kunstmuseum (Horsens Art Museum) and Horsens Museum (Horsens Museum of History) are situated in “Lunden”. You will also find a couple of playgrounds for children in the park, one of them is next to Horsens Museum – it is also a fine place to eat your take-away lunch.

In summertime the park is full of sun worshippers, who read books, shares a couple of beers or plays football or Frisbee.

There is also concerts, often with famous Danish musicians, in the park during summer, and they are always very popular.

Have a great time in “Lunden”.

You can go visit “Lunden” at Carolinelundsvej 1 right here:

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