Ribe – a photo essay

On Easter Sunday we arrived in Ribe – the oldest city in Denmark. Ribe has roots back to the very early Viking Age, as it was founded in 710 AD, and today you will meet the citys history every where you go.

St. Catharinæ’s Church and Abbey is a underestimated gem in the heart of Ribe. This is where the Dominican monks lived in the city, and you have to go and visit their old abbey.

Ribe Å is a stream that goes through the city, and it played an enormous role in the birth and the history of the city. The stream passes through a lock in the middle of the city and it is a lovely sight.

Ribe Cathedral is the absolute highlight on your trip to Ribe. The cathedral is the oldest and best preserved of its kind in Denmark, and it is just breathtaking.

You will find many small shops that sell local made arts and crafts in Ribe. In “Det Gamle Apotek” you can buy lovely ceramic and glass products.

Looking for a nice lunch? Try “Cafe Quedens Gaard” which you can find in the middle of the main pedestrian street. They serve delicious food, and it is nice to enjoy your meal in the cafés outdoor patio.

The center of Ribe looks like it did in the Middle Ages with its many old houses and narrow streets.
You just can’t help falling in love with Ribe!

It is very interesting to join an organised walk with a night watchman while you are in Ribe. He tells many stories and details about important historical events that has taken place in the city.

This is a memorial plaque of Maren Splids, who was the last woman in Ribe to be convicted for being a witch and therefore burned on the fire on the 9th of November 1641.

When you are in Ribe, you have to visit the viking museum “Ribes Vikinger”, where you can experience countless of displayed findings and learn about the citys great history.

Our hostel “Danhostel Ribe” serves homemade jams, homemade muesli, freshly baked bread and alot of fruit for breakfast – it is so delicious!

We would like to thank Danhostel Ribe and Visit Ribe for their friendly tips, accomodation and advice.

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