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Private view of the exhibition ”Inbetweeness” at Horsens Art Museum

On the 1th of February I participated in the private view of the exhibition ”Inbetweeness” created by the Danish performance artist Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen.

Lilibeth created all the artworks and sculptures from ”Inbetweeness” at Horsens Art Museum during some weeks in January 2014. She invited children from day-care institutions in Horsens to watch, learn and take part in the creating process.
With the artworks and sculptures from ”Inbetweeness” Lilibeth examines the relationship between expression, identity and countries.

Lilibeth was born I The Philippines, but because her family emigrated to Denmark when she was 8 years old, she feels a special connection with both countries.
Germany and China are also special to her, and the two countries plays a role with Denmark and The Philippines in four of the artworks. Lilibeth created the national flag from each of the countries with handprints made of blood from pigs on unbleached cotton canvas.
Some of the materials that are used to make the artworks and sculptures in ”Inbetweeness” are quite untraditional. Materials such as buttermilk, chalk, human hair, tar, coconut and, as told before, pig blood. Lilibeth has used her body in the creation of her expressive artworks; she made hand and footprints, and she was licking and spitting different structures with her mouth.
I think the result is that the artworks are full of sensuality and performativity, and the bit strange materials made me curios so I thought “why not” – I really like that materials challenges the viewer and adds personality to the artwork.

I enjoyed the personal view on the 1th of February, and I am definately going to see the exhibition again before it ends.

You can experience ”Inbetweeness” from the 1th of February to the 21th of April 2014 at Horsens Art Museum.

An adult ticket costs 30 Danish kroner / €4 and a child’s ticket is free for children under 18 years.

Click here to visit the homepage of Horsens Art Museum.
Click here to visit the homepage of Lilibeth Cuneca Rasmussen.

You can go visit Horsens Art Museum on Carolinelundsvej 2 right here:
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