Tourist Ambassadors in Horsens

Horsens and Beyond is working with the local tourist office VisitHorsens on their summer project: ” WE love having YOU HERE “.

When walking along “Søndergade” the main pedestrian street in Horsens, particularly when passing the huge glass cube “KUBEN” this summer, you are likely to meet some smiling and welcoming people wearing t-shirts with the slogan “WE love having YOU HERE”.

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Meet the locals at a summer market near Horsens

During the summertime in Denmark you can easily find local markets, summer fetes or a large party in the villages and towns all over the country.

From the first days of June and until the autumn these small markets takes place.
The locals are having a great time together and celebrate the summer with a cosy mix of a flea market, an animal market, a funfair for the children and beers and live music for their parents and grandparents .

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