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It is January and a new year in Horsens has begun

What I am looking forward to in Horsens this spring – and some events later in 2015.

The sun is shining like it is a spring day, but only yesterday there was snow and cold winter weather.
The Christmas with all its cosiness – and hard work on my travel project Rejsejulekalenderen – has passed and a new year has begun.

Soon a new year filled with culture, nature, sports and lovey people in Horsens will begin for real, and new exhibitions at galleries and at the art museum will appear.
The giant cube of glass, the culture spot at the pedestrian street, Søndergade, will be used by creative and innovative people with new great ideas and exciting projects.

In March it is time to attend the Crime Book Festival at Fængslet in Horsens. It’s a weekend packed with crime book author interviews, public readings, autograph signings and book shopping. You can meet your favorite author and have a talk about her or his work. It is such a great event.

Lunden with a lot of flowers

The parks with newly green trees and flowering crocus in yellow, purple and white colours will invite you to come by and spend hours of joy with your dear friends.

I hope Café Dolly will host their annual lunch with free mussels, draft beer and jazz on the first Saturday in May – it is such a nice tradition at the harbor.

Mussels, draft beer and jazz at Café Dollys

Fængslet is also host of the European Medieval Festival held in August, an event that attracts visitors from all over Europe.

Several music and performance art happenings will take place in Horsens during the year. The days and weeks with classical music, jazz and blues is worth waiting for, and as a relative new tradition Stoneass Festival, the music festival of Horsens, will take place in August.

Stoneass Festival 2014

I also hope to spend some time with my new friends and colleagues, that I have met during my work as a travel blogger in Horsens.
And maybe I will receive visits from dear foreign friends this spring – Lusy, a kind Indonesian blogger who takes very beautiful pictures (visit Lusy’s blog here), and Dave, a friendly world biking travel blogger from England (visit Dave’s blog here).

Oh, I can’t wait till it becomes spring!

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