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We have met the 21 year old Constantin Gavriloae, who is from the Romanian city Târgu Neamț, but now lives in Horsens. Beside being a student at VIA University College in Horsens, Constantin is a brilliant photographer. We asked him about his life as a student and his passion for photography.

Constantin, can you please tell us a bit about the place, you come from in Romania?
My hometown, Târgu Neamț, is a beautiful city. It is smaller city than Horsens, but it’s an amazing place to visit – so if you have the chance you should go visit Târgu Neamț.

Picture from Târgu Neamț

What do you study in Horsens?
I’m studying at VIA University – Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

Why did you choose to study in Horsens? And did you know anything about Horsens, before you arrived?
I chose Horsens because my brother was studying here, and he told me how great the university and Horsens is. I think, it was a benefit that he was already here and he already knew what I needed to know about Horsens and the university.

Do you want to stay in Horsens, when you have graduated your final exams?
Horsens is a small city and it’s perfect, if you want something quiet and peaceful (there is no traffic in Horsens and no noise). But it’s not my style, I love big cities, but we will see :0)

The family home in Târgu Neamț

Do you miss anything in Horsens from your home country?
Yes I do! Let’s start with the coffee. I miss my café. I mean, the coffee taste in Denmark is totally different from the Romanian Coffee. The second think is that I miss my home landscape with mountains.
The third one, I miss my dog.

Picture of Constantins dog

What is your favorite spot / place in Horsens?
I don’t have an favorite spot, but I can say that one of my favorite places in Horsens is the beach where I can take nice sunset or sunrise photos.

What are you doing in Horsens, when you are not studying?
Waiting for good weather, so I can go out and take pictures around Horsens!

What do you think is the best thing about living in Horsens?
Except the fact that everything is very expensive compared with my country (and many other contries), it’s very nice that if you’re working part time you can maintain yourself without getting help from public services.

What have been a positive experience for you in Horsens?
I’m going to start with the fact that every day, I meet new students from different countries, and that people from Horsens are very nice to me – they say “Hi” and smile at you even if they don’t know you.

You are great with your camera and you are taking some awesome photos – when and how did you start being a photographer?
Thank you very much :0) It’s started when I was younger and my brother had a Fujifilm camera – an old one. I was using his camera more than him. Because the camera was old, I couldn’t take professional photos, but it didn’t stop me dreaming about trying it out.
I bought my first camera in 2013, and I was feeling like a kid again with a new toy.

When do you take pictures? Every day? Every week?
It doesn’t matter if it is raining or if it is snowing, I just take my camera and go out to shoot photos. Even though it’s midnight I’m still going out for shooting the stars.

Picture of an old phone

Do you work with other people in your job as a photografer?
Yes I’m working with other people. Most of them are models for portraits.

The family home in Târgu Neamț

What do you recommend for people, that would like to adapt photography as a hobby?
Just because you have a camera, it doesn’t make you a professional photographer. It is just a step closer. For those who wants to start photography, I’m telling them to be prepared to investing their time in learning and practicing.

Constantin Gavriloae

“Photography helps people to see.”
– Berenice Abbott –

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