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Today I am leaving Horsens and going to Athens in Grecce to attend the TBEX conference. TBEX is one of the world biggest conferences for travel bloggers, new media people and travel industry professionals.

Even though I have been travel blogging for many years, I think that it is always important to learn new things and attending conferences like TBEX makes this possible.
TBEX has put together an impressive program for the conference with professional speakers, that will talk about content, commerce, community, business and trends in the travel- and new media industry.

Gary Arndt, professional blogger from Everything-Everywhere.com:
“TBEX is a must attend show for new media people in travel. If you are in the travel industry in any sort of marketing, public relations or content creation capacity, you need to come to TBEX”.

Besides listening to the talks at the conference, TBEX is a great place for networking with other travel bloggers and travel industry pros. At earlier conferences, I have returned with lots of great advice from other attendees and new friends among the travel bloggers.

Finally, the TBEX conferences is usually great fun, and even if the weather forecast is predicting rain, I hope that the visit to Athens will still be a great experience.

I hope to return with lots of energy much wiser and able to make a even better blog for you.

Read more about TBEX here: http://tbexcon.com/2014-europe/

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