Tourists: Horsens has it all

Tourists enjoy visiting Horsens. They get surprised of how much the city has to offer, and many people come back year after year.

Through out the summer “Horsens and Beyond” have cooperated with the Tourist Ambassadors from Visit Horsens on their project “WE love having YOU HERE”.
The project is about making the tourists in Horsens feel welcome and appreciated, when they visit, and about showing the tourists just how great and full of possibilities and attractions Horsens is.

But what does the tourists think about Horsens and their stay here?
On Friday the 1th of August I (Maria) was on the street together with the Tourist Ambassadors to hand out brochures with sights and activities in Horsens to tourists, and to have a small talk with them about their stay.

Both Danish and foreign tourists came along. Some had never been in the city before, but many came back to visit and spend their holiday in Horsens and the nearby area year after year.

A family with two children was staying in Horsens, and they had chosen the city because of its great location; Close to the theme park LEGOLAND, the animal park Givskud and the city of Aarhus, and with great opportunities for them to enjoy nature and beach life.

An elderly couple stayed in Juelsminde (a port 20 kilometres from Horsens) as they had done for many years now.
They told me, that they always were looking forward to enjoy the delicious fish-buffet in Juelsminde, and of course to spend a day or two in Horsens. This year they had brought their daughter and son-in-law, and the daughter was very impressed with the urban regeneration and new street art projects that takes place in Horsens.
“There is always something new going on in your city,” said her father, and that was one of the comments, I heard most often during the hours with the Tourist Ambassadors.

“It is always such a nice experience to visit Horsens,” a woman told me, while her husband was nodding in agreement. “The pedestrian street is great, and its side street area called “Latinerkvateret” (The Latin Quarter) is so pleasant with the fine shops and cafées.”
“And there is all the shops and supermarkets, you can wish for from the city centre and all the way to Husodde, where we always stay at the camping area,” said her husband immediately.
The couple had stayed in different camping areas through out Jutland, but when they came to Husodde (5 kilometres north of Horsens) some years ago, they decided to place their caravan here permanently.
“In Horsens is everything within reach. Horsens has it all.”

A couple from the nearby city of Skanderborg told me, that they often visit Horsens. “Aarhus is to big,” they said, “and Horsens has the same kind of shopping and citylife, as in Aarhus.”

All the people who received the brochures about Horsens thought that it was a great feature with the citymap and the pages with information about attractions and places to visit in Horsens.

But what they liked the best was the creative inspiration-ideas like the mindmap, which is a unique and brilliant way to get an overview of what you can do in Horsens.
But also the funny cootie catcher was popular.

It has been such an interesting and rewarding experience to be a part of the “WE love having YOU HERE” project and to work with Gydde Madsen from VisitHorsens and the Tourists Ambassadors. We are looking forward to much more co-operation in the future.

If you want to know more about the Tourist Ambassadors you can contact Gydde Madsen at:

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