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Gallery Hjorth – A modern art gallery in Horsens

Gallery Hjorth is one of many art galleries to visit in Horsens. Here you will find works of both new thinking and very talented artists.

They are not afraid to be innovative at Gallery Hjorth. The owner Allan Hjorth has created a great new thinking gallery, where works from both local living artists and other of Denmarks talented artists are being displayed.

We attended the private view of the exhibition “Roaring Red Deer” (“Brølende Kronhjort” in Danish) at the 5th of April 2014.

Art with roaring red deer plays a certain role in Danish art history as one of the great themes from the Romantic period. You will find pictures with roaring red deer in many elderly peoples living rooms in Denmark, and because almost all Danish people have an opinion (and not a positive one) about this theme, I think it is really refreshing that Gallery Hjorth have challenged 8 artists to re-think it.

The 8 artists were: Jacob Rantzau, Rune Christensen, Jamie Linley, Rasmus Rinhack, Martin Gam, Anne Risum, Steffen Martin, Bibi Katholm and Jean Grey at the “ROARING RED DEER” exhibition.

The artist Rasmus Rinhack thought it was a great challenge to throw himself into. I think he did it with a great result. Here he is next to one of his works.

You can visit Gallery Hjorth at Grønnegade 25 (from August 2014 – until then you can visit it at Sønderbrogade 7), and the gallery is open Wednesday – Friday 11:00-17:00 and Saturday 11:00-14:00.

Also visit the web page of Gallery Hjorth here: http://www.gallery-hjorth.dk/ (It is in Danish)

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