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Easter i Horsens – traditions and activities

How do the locals in Horsens celebrate their Easter break? And what to do in Horsens during Easter?

Danish Easter traditions
The Easter is time for a holiday break for most Danes. In Horsens city you will meet the locals having an Easter beer (many breweries are making special beers to the occasion, but the best known is “Tuborgs Påskebryg” also known as “Kylle kylle”) in the sun in front of the citys cafées, spending time with their children at playgrounds or maybe walking an hour or two in the woods.

For many Danes the Easter is the first time of year, where they can enjoy, that it is finally spring. If the weather is fine, Danes will try to spend as much time outside as possible. Now the flowers are blooming, trees and bushes are full of light green leaves, and in the countryside the sheeps are giving birth to small Easter lambs. That is enjoyable!

Danes aren´t particularly religious and instead of going to Easter services in their local church, they often celebrate the festival by having a large dinner with their families and relatives or attending parties with their friends, just like they do in the weekends before Christmas.

Easter activities in Horsens
There is a lot of activities in Horsens during an Easter break in the city. Here are some the activities you can attend on an Easter break in Horsens.

* FÆNGSLETThe Old State Penitentiary in Horsens, now a museum called FÆNGLSET, is open all days during Easter. You can join a guided tour, watch the exhibition “Life in the prison in old days” or try some of the many family activities at FÆNGSLET.

* Horsens Museum – Children can go hunting for Easter eggs in the museum. They can also make their own homemade paper decorations.

* Outdoors at Gudenåen or Himmelbjerget – Do you like to spend some time outdoors? Then visit the Spring of Gudenåen (the largest stream in Denmark. In Danish “The Stream of the God”) 30 kilometres from Horsens. Gudenåen springs in a protected area with the most beautiful nature.
You can also visit Himmelbjerget (in Danish “The Sky Mountain”), a 147 metre high hill. From the point on its top you will find a stunning view.

* Horsens Havn and Horsens Lystbådehavn – Take a walk at Horsens Havn (Horsens Harbour) and watch the fishing vessels and larger boats, and enjoy the harbours special atmosphere.
Horsens Lystbådehavn (Horsens Marina) is placed about a kilometre west of the harbour, but it is absolutely also a great place to visit.
When you become hungry, you can find great restaurants both at the harbour and at the marina.

* Party all night long – If you are looking for a great party, the bars, cafées and discos in Horsens are open and ready to make sure, that you have a great time.

* Flea markets – On Easter Day (the 20th of April 2014) you can find a flea market with many interesting and funny objects next to the Town Hall in J. Chr. Juliussens Vej in Horsens.
Easter is also a time where you can find many flea markets outside private houses and at farms. Just take a trip by car beyond Horsens and you will see.

Shops are closed on the 17th, 18th, 20th and 21th of April, but cafées, restaurants, museums, galleries and many other interesting sites are open, so you can have a great Easter in Horsens.

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