My favorite coffee shop in Horsens

Where can you find the best cup of coffee in Horsens? Try the coffee shop Kaffe Brød & Co.

I often travel around Europe, and when I am in Berlin, Germany, I love spending time at the citys great coffee shops where they serve delicious coffee.

There is a long tradition for coffee shops in Berlin (which we don’t have in the same way in Denmark), and you can really taste, that the barista’s, who makes the coffee, have a great knowledge about coffee brewing. The ingredients are carefully roasted and grinded, and the steamed milk has a perfect temperature. Everything is about timing, and the barista’s are really good.

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Interview with Constantin Gavriloae

We have met the 21 year old Constantin Gavriloae, who is from the Romanian city Târgu Neamț, but now lives in Horsens. Beside being a student at VIA University College in Horsens, Constantin is a brilliant photographer. We asked him about his life as a student and his passion for photography.

Constantin, can you please tell us a bit about the place, you come from in Romania?
My hometown, Târgu Neamț, is a beautiful city. It is smaller city than Horsens, but it’s an amazing place to visit – so if you have the chance you should go visit Târgu Neamț.

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