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In Denmark we have a long tradition for staying overnight at hostels, and the prices for a stay are low. Therefore the Danish hostels are a fine alternative to hotels, B&Bs and likewise.

Danhostel is the main hostel chain in Denmark with 95 hostels around the country.

The hostels are all different, some are placed in the middle of a city, others are placed in beautiful nature. Some have a caravan site or camping area connected and others stick to the original hostel idea of being a place where people who are travelling or hiking can come by and get a nice and warm bed for a night no matter what time of year.

You are sure to find a hostel in Denmark that is just right for you.

At Danish hostels you are sure to get a nice clean room and different facilities you can use – for instance a kitchen and a living room with a television – and for a small extra amount you can get a nice breakfast.

When you stay at a hostel in Denmark is there some details you have to know. A part of the history of the Danish hostels is that everybody is to lend a helping hand when they stay overnight. A hostel is not a hotel, so you have to bring your own bed linen, if you don´t want to rent some at the hostel, and you must remove the garbage from your room before you leave. It is not much you should do these days, but it is a fine symbol of cooperation between the hosts and the guests.

You will meet welcoming hosts who run the Danhostel hostels. The hosts often have a broad knowledge about the local area of their hostel, and they can tell you which attractions to see and where to find funny activities.

4 Danhostel hostels in Southern Denmark
In cooperation with Danhostel we stayed at 4 hostels in Southern Denmark during our Easter 2014 trip, and here is our reviews.

DemoDanhostel Haderslev
Danhostel Haderslev is situated near the beautiful lake “Haderslev Dam” just outside Haderslev but only 5 minutes by car from city. The main building has formerly been an old noble farm and orphanage. Today it houses a modern hostel with camping area. You can either stay in a room, in a cottage or in your own tent or caravan.

When we arrived we met Pia and Peter – the smiling and friendly host couple who had prepared our stay with a lovely room and lots of useful information about their personal favorite attractions in Haderslev and beyond. Both Pia and Peter were helpful and kind during our stay and they did a great job as hosts at Danhostel Haderslev.

Kitchen: There is a small but fine kitchen in the main building where we prepared our dinner.
Breakfast: The hostel serves a fine breakfast with freshly baked bread with jams, cheese and cold cuts.
There is cereals and yoghurt, and hot tea and coffee, juice and milk, and some fresh fruit.
Room: Our room was small, bright and clean with a private bathroom and a lovely view of the lake.
Activities: We didn’t try the activities at the hostel, but you can among other things rent canoes and bikes, and there is a large playground and a place to light a bonfire.

DemoDanhostel Sønderborg City
Danhostel Sønderborg City is a modern hostel not fare from the center of Sønderborg and the citys pedestrian street and great attractions. The hostel has a quiet and calm atmosphere.

Kitchen: The kitchen is really nice at the hostel. It is a large room with all the kitchen equipment you could wish for in a hostel kitchen. We had a nice time cooking and chit-chatting with the other guests.
Breakfast: We had a nice breakfast with a lot of fresh fruit, fresh bread, cereals, yoghurts, Danish pastries, and of course tea and coffee.
Room: Our room was a family-sized room with our own bathroom. The room was clean and quiet, and we had a fine sleep.
Activities: We had a great time playing table tennis in the basement of the hostel, and if you would like to play football or beach volley you can do it in the hostel garden.

DemoDanhostel Tønder (Danish)
Danhostel Tønder is a classic hostel only 5 minutes walk away from the center of Tønder, which has fine possibilities for shopping, walking through the old streets and watching the towns best attractions.

The people at hostels reception was eager to help with our questions and gave some good tips about sights in the nearby area.

Kitchen: We did not use kitchen facilities during our stay at Danhostel Tønder.
Breakfast: The breakfast in Danhostel Tønder had a wide range of cereals, bread, yoghurts, cheeses and of course coffee and tea.
Room: We had a nice clean room with private bath.
Activities: When staying at Danhostel Tønder, you have free access to the local swimming bath. You can also play badminton, squash and tennis in the sports hall nearby.

DemoDanhostel Ribe
Staying at Danhostel in Ribe was the best stay during our trip. The hostel is only a few minutes’ walk from the center of Ribe, but still placed in a quiet green area. The hostel is nice, modern and clean and has a welcoming atmosphere.

Our hosts (Gudrun and Jens) were both very knowledgeable about Ribe and the surroundings. They were always friendly, hospitable and eager to help us with all our requests. With hosts like Gudrun and Jens, you do not need a Tourist Information Office.

Since 1997 Ribe Danhostel has been environmentally certified with the Green Key certification, which among others mean, that they help protect the environment.

Kitchen: We prepared our dinner in the self-service kitchen, which was nice and clean.
Breakfast: Ribe Danhostel has a great and extensive all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. We were especially fond of the wide selection of different organic products.
Room: We stayed in a large family room with private bathroom and a magnificent panorama view of Ribes skyline with Ribe Cathedral in the middle.
Activities: Danhostel Ribe has a wide range of possible activities. We had a great game of table tennis in the evening and have previously played badminton in the sports hall, that is attached to the hostel. You can borrow different games at the reception and use the surrounding green areas for different outdoor activities.

Summary: More like visiting friends or couchsurfing than staying in hotels
We have always liked staying in hostels during our travels in Denmark and the rest of the world.
But we were still a bit surprised by the high quality in the different hostels and above all the welcoming and hospitable hosts. During our Easter trip our experience was that staying in the hostels was more like visiting friends or couchsurfing than staying in hotels.

Staying in hostels does not have to be just the “cheapest choice”, it can also be the best choice, when choosing accommodation for your holiday.

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