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“ART OF SNUR” – A colourful art exhibition in Horsens

In these days (13th – 20th of June) students from the local art school “Kunstskolen Snurretoppen” are displaying their works at the exhibition “ART OF SNUR”.

“Kunstskolen Snurretoppen” is a school and workshop where mentally challenged artists from Horsens and the local area can meet and work with their own creative projects and ideas while they learn from experienced teachers and other artists.

Annually The Old Town Hall in Horsens houses an art exhibition with works made by students from the art school, and it is really worth a visit.

When we visited “ART OF SNUR”, as the exhibition is called in 2014, we met some of the artists, who were really keen to tell about their works.
Helle told us about her picture “The road to school”, about her choice of colour and that she finds inspiration to her works in her everyday life.

Anette has made this work with pencil and watercolor pencils on paper. She often draws birds and other animals in bright and happy colours in her pictures. This work that Anette is presenting is called “Ants and other animals”.

Pia has made the windmill with the green colour, and she also makes watercolour paintings inspired by fairy tales.

You can visit the exhibition until the 20th of June between 11:00-17:00 and it is free to visit.

“ART OF SNUR” is housed in The Old Town Hall at Søndergade 28 in Horsens (in the main pedestrian street), and you can find it here:

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