Art Bubble – The comic book festival

On 27 and 28 September 2014 the comic book festival Art Bubble was held in Horsens, and it was a real treat for comic book fans.

The principal organiser of the comic book festival Art Bubble, Lars Jakobsen, have the idea that Art Bubble must be the most cosy and pleasant comic book festival in Denmark, and I would say it succeeded in being so.

This year the festival took place at Danmarks Industrimuseum (The Danish Museum of Industry), where the 2.000 visitors could talk to their favorite comic book artists and maybe buy a piece of their work.

It was a festive weekend with visitors in creative costumes, artists drawing nice pieces and having a great time together. You could buy both new and old comic books, listen to debates and interviews with some of Denmarks most gifted and popular comic book artists, and it all oozed of an relaxed and laid-back atmosphere in the beautiful museum with the old industrial machines.

If you love comic books or drawings you shold visit “Art Bubble – The Comic Book Festival” next year in Horsens.
Find out more about Art Bubble – The Comic Book Festival on the web page: Art-Bubble (it is in Danish)

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