“Antikvariatet” – a hidden book gem in Horsens

In Fugholm, a side street of the main square “Torvet” in Horsens, you can find the small antiquarian bookshop “Antikvariatet”, that sells cheap second-hand books of a good quality.

“Antikvariatet” is situated in an old house in one of the oldest streets in Horsens, and even though the shop looks small, the selection of books is great.
You can find both English and German fiction and maybe some non-fiction if you look carefully, and perhaps a book or two in French, Swedish or Spanish, beside the broad collection of Danish fiction and non-fiction.

If you do read a bit of Danish, you will also be able to find books that suits your ability well.
“Antikvariatet” is run by elderly ladies, who works voluntarily for Kirkens Korshær (Danchurchsocial – a branch of the English “Church Army”), and you can always ask the ladies for help.
The books in “Antikvariatet” is very cheap – you can buy a nice second-hand novel for 10-20 Danish kroner / €2-3.
“Antikvariatet” is open Monday-Friday at 10-17

You can go visit “Antikvariatet” on Fugholm 4 right here:

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