Alrø (Alroe) – a delicious island in Horsens Fjord

When the sun is shining, and you want to go for a trip just out side Horsens, the island of Alrø (Alroe) is a great destination.

Alrø is one of the islands close to Horsens city in Horsens Fjord, and it is an excellent place to spend some time at the seaside.
Alrø is a small community with a couple of cafés (open in weekends between April and September), the great restaurant “Møllegården” (open in Easter, and between June and August), a Bed and Breakfast, a small church, local art and a bit more than 150 inhabitants. Alrøs nature is wind-swept and mainly with agricultural fields, but also with a few trees. Because it is surrounded with the salty fjord water the island has a bit warmer climate than the mainland only 200 meters away.

The nature on Alrø is rough and unprotected against storms, but also with a sensitive lightness and delicacy at the same time.

In summertime you can go by the small local ferry (to small for carrying cars), that sails between Alrø and Snaptun, a small port on the mainland 15 kilometres from Horsens. It is very enjoyable to visit the seaside on Alrø on an summer evening when the sun is shining and small waves hits the shoreline.

You can bring your dinner and enjoy it sitting on the small beach, maybe go paddle in the shallow water, collect empty shells, fine stones or small pieces of driftwood.

Or if you bring a portable grill you can pluck delicious clams and catch great crabs and then cook them directly on the beach – it´s great fun. Enjoy the sunset before you go home to either a bed at the Bed and Breakfeast or back to Horsens.

The local web page about Alrø (in Danish):

It takes 30 minutes to go to Alrø by car from Horsens

You can go visit Alrø in Horsens Fjord right here:

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