5 places to enjoy the autumn in Horsens

Autumn is a very beautiful time in Horsens, and there is a wide range of places in the city where you can enjoy a sunny autumn day. Here are five nice places in Horsens that we recommend.

Horsens is not an overwhelmingly large city and you can walk to many of the places, that we recommend in this blog post. But you can also use one of the pink city bikes, provided by Horsens Kommune (the town council), so tourists as well as locals easily can experience the city and the nature around it for free.

I “grabbed” one of the city bikes and took a tour around Horsens to gather information and photos for this blog post, and I can really recommend that you do the same.

Five places to enjoy the autumn in Horsens
Here are five places, that we think you should visit and enjoy on a lovely autumn day.

1. Vitus Berings Park (also known as Beringsparken).

Vitus Berings Park is a small park between the pedestrian streets Søndergade and Jessensgade and the train station.
There are benches in various places around the park, and it is a nice place to bring a sandwich or a coffee-to-go.
The park is named after the world-famous explorer Vitus Bering, who was born in Horsens.

2. Bygholm Park

Bygholm Park is the largest park in Horsens, and you will find it just behind the train station.

Bygholm Park is placed in a natural wetland area, and today you will see different lakes and streams throughout the park.
You can also visit a small hill, that once was home to a fortress, build by the Danish king Erik Menved in 1313. The fortress was used until the17th century, but now only a few remains of the buildings are left.

Bygholm Park is a really romantic place to spend some time on a day with lovely autumn weather.

3. The urban forest at Rådhustorvet

The urban forest is a nice green breathing space in the city center just outside the town hall of Horsens.
The small group of trees was planted in 2013 as an urban forest by the entrepreneurs of the local project Mærk Byen, whose goal is to bring innovative ideas and a colorful street life into the city.

In the urban forest you will find seats and benches among the large barrels with trees and flowers. Many of the barrels are decorated with nice street art.

Next to the urban forest is a skate park, where you can see cool skateboarders do amazing tricks.

4. The old state prison park at FÆNGSLET

At the top of Horsens you will find FÆNGSLET and its surrounding park. The impressive building called FÆNGSLET was an active state prison until 2006, but today it houses a prison museum and Horsens Tourist Information. Several huge concerts and other culture events are held at FÆNGSLET every year.

The park is a nice and quiet place to eat you lunch or drink a cup of coffee in the delightful autumn weather after a visit to the prison museum. If you take a walk in the park, you will be rewarded with some great views of the old prison.
Entrance to the park is free, and you can visit it even though the prison museum is closed.

FÆNGSLET and the surrounding park are placed a bit far from the center of the city – I recommend, that you borrow one of the the free city bikes and get some exercise on the way.

5. Lunden (Caroline Amalie Lund)

Lunden is the main park in Horsens, and it is located a short walk from the main square Torvet and the pedestrian streets.
Both Horsens Kunstmuseum (Horsens Art Museum) and Horsens Museum (Horsens Historical Museum) are situated in the park, and in summertime you can enjoy concerts here as well.

People are visiting Lunden all year round, and autumn is an interesting and beautiful time to visit the park. Besides having a cozy time with friends and family or spending time at the museums, you can gather both walnuts and chestnuts in the park. Lunden is really a nice park to visit, if you are looking for a place to enjoy a nice nature atmosphere on a beautiful autumn day.

That was our five recommended places for you to enjoy a lovely autumn day in Horsens, but there are so many other places you can visit – take a look at our blog post about Nordre Kirkegård (The Northern Cemetery) from January 2014:

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